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Big Thumb Car Rental – The Advantages of Choosing it

Introducing Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures

Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures provides premium car rentals to customers in Penang and Langkawi Island. The company has headquarters located at the Langkawi Mall in Langkawi as well as the Plaza Ivory in Penang.

Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures has a reputation for providing amazing customer service. They offer airport pickup and drop off service and are located in the major airports throughout Malaysia. This service ensures all of their guests are taken care of from the time they step off the plane until they board the plane to head back home.

The organization offers unique services to its clients. The company’s commitment to customer service can be seen during the car rental process and the rental cars offered by the company.

Check out online reviews to see how happy hundreds of customers are with Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures. The company is dedicated to providing customer service that outperforms their competitors. Both Langkawi and Penang are known tourist destinations in Malaysia. With this company, you can travel in style during your vacation to Malaysia.

Why should you rent a car in Penang?

Penang’s public transportation system is unreliable. The bus service in this area is poor compared to other major cities. Additionally, taxi fares are quite expensive, especially if you will be traveling to multiple destinations.

Renting a car from Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures allows you to affordably check out all the tourist locations throughout Penang. The company offers luxury car services at budget friendly prices. When you rent a car with this company, you can rest assured you can safely visit the entire island.

Why should you rent a car in Langkawi?

Langkawi is an island in Malaysia that offers numerous tourist destinations. Renting a car will help you take your time at each destination. Say goodbye to tour buses where you are only allowed a certain amount of time. With a car rental, you can stay as long or as little as you want.

Car rental rates in this area are affordable. The cost of the rental car will allow you to visit more landmarks during your stay. If you tried to see the same landmarks via a taxi, you would end up spending double or triple the cost of a rental car.

Thousands of tourists come to Langkawi. This means long taxi lines and long waits for a ride. With a rental car, you can leave when you want and visit the sites you want at a time that is convenient for you.

In addition to seeing the wonderful tourists sites, our customers can rest assured that nothing will get lost during your travels. Your luggage can be safely stored in your rental car’s trunk. This means nothing will be lost or stolen during your travels.

Big Thumb Rent A Car Venture’s Cars and Services

This company only rents cars that are less than 5 years old. This means you will be getting the latest sedans, minivans and luxury cars when you rent from this company. Routine inspections are done on each rental car by mechanics to ensure safety and reliability. Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, maintained and insured.

Pickup and Dropoff Service

This company allows clients to book their car rental in advance and schedule pickup and delivery at a number of locations in Langkawi and Penang, including the major airports. This means the customer can get their rental car immediately upon landing.

Online Rental Car Bookings

Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures offers a fully functioning website that allows customers to book and pay for a car before they arrive in Malaysia. During the booking, you will enter your information, your arrival and departure dates. Once these are entered, complete your payment to finalize your car rental booking.

Why Should You Choose Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures?

The company was founded more than five years ago and offers a rental service that offers premium customer service. Each member of the staff is highly trained to ensure their customers receive the service they have come to expect from premium services around the world.

The services offered rival that of other international car rental companies. Customers report that the customer service of this company is better than their competitors both in Malaysia and around the world.

The rental car rates are some of the lowest prices in Malaysia. The company offers regular promos and deals that sweeten the deal even further. Finally, for clients who wish to rent a car for a longer term, Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures offers discounts for long-term car rentals.

Before renting a car, you will be expected to show your social pass and driver’s license. These documents provide the company with the information they need to monitor their customers and to ensure the driver knows how to drive safely. Find out more about Big Thumb Car Rental here.

Important Terms and Conditions

If the customer is involved in an automobile accident, the insurance claim will be processed using the standard insurance for rental cars in Malaysia. This means the customer will not be responsible for the entire cost of the damage; however, if the amount of the damage exceeds coverage limits, the customer will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Customers can also purchase extra insurance to protect against any claims of a third party should they get in an accident. The cost of this extra coverage is minimal and covers injuries and property that results from an automobile accident during the rental period.